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Hangzhou future furniture manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Chinese office furniture industry base -- Chinese - Hangzhou, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the design, modern office furniture manufacturing, sales, installation and service, the company to "create a model of the office furniture industry, to create superior value for customers" for the mission, with excellent quality and sincere service for customers to build up the spiritual business office space, customer service development.
The company was founded in 2001, design, technology, production team has a group of experienced craftsmen composed by international advanced processing equipment, exquisite technology and scientific management ideas, strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, China environmental labeling certification standard, Chinese environmental protection product certification and national quality furniture standards and requirements, to create the industry's leading high-quality office furniture, leading the trend of modern office.
Company to brand building as the main line of development, focusing on corporate culture and brand building, focusing on the core competitive advantage of the enterprise, take the road of sustainable development. The van is launched minimum odd "high-end office furniture brand, she is characterized by" quality, brand personality, innovative design, environmental quality, sincere service as the starting point, to create a spiritual space for business goals, meet customer pursuit of modern office space. "Since the establishment of a van minimum odd" brand with its distinctive personality, won the recognition of the market, quickly became a star of office furniture industry. The company will continue to focus on the field of office furniture, office space construction focusing on the spiritual connotation and interpretation, and continue to give vitality "Van more profound minimum odd" brand, which has become a banner of the field of office furniture, leading the development of the industry!

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We have been working to create high-quality office environment
Hangzhou Fanyiqi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in China's office furniture industry base - Hangzhou, China, is a focus on modern office furniture design, Manufacturing, sales, installation and service of high-tech enterprises, the company "to create the office furniture industry model for customers to create excellent value" for the mission to excellence in quality and sincere service for customers to build spiritual business office space, customer service development.