Brand Origin
Based on the mission of the call, the company "Van ? excellent odd" for the brand name, that is intended to become "high quality (environmental), personalized" office furniture model. "Van ? excellent odd" - the forefront of office furniture, fashion, environmental quality of the supreme, the creator of spiritual business space.
Brand Slogan: to create spiritual business space
Never satisfied with the pursuit and exploration of the spirit, is the driving force of our progress. Modern enterprises and institutions for the understanding of the office environment has long been beyond the simple function of the stage, began to pursue a culture to create. Modern office furniture in the function of human nature, based on a large number of lines, shapes, patterns, colors, materials to create a space atmosphere, giving the office environment to individuality and content, showing a unique organizational culture, to stimulate greater office The creativity, enjoy the work of fun.
Identification Annotation
Graphic logo, to furniture design, production is closely related to the "drawing" concept as the origin of organization, change. The formation of a square, thick lines and fine lines as the basis for the elements of the graphics architecture, the overall graphics with a simple line to express the "design, carving" concept, revealing a sense of quality. At the same time the shape of the structure contains the company's English name of the first letter "F", is "Fan ?" (FUTURE FURNITURE) symbolic expression.
The new plant is located in the town of Tangqi, which was formally put into production, and the scale of the enterprise was expanded again. At the same time, the company actively carried out the protection of intellectual property rights, and the company went to the road of brand development
The company participated in the Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, with avant-garde design, excellent quality, talent shows itself in splendid fan minimum odd brand, brand to go overseas.
In the face of an annual increase in the amount of orders, the company system reform, optimize the production model of enterprises, improve production efficiency, the annual output increased significantly.
Fan minimum odd "trademark was the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau officially registered trademark, the brand quickly started the minimum odd fan.
Fan made the management reform, streamline the internal process, improve the efficiency, facilitate the coordination between the various departments.
In strict quality under the premise of the service system for the range of minimum odd perfect.
The van hall ShowRoom minimum odd formally completed and put into use, which is the beginning of brand fan further enhance the minimum odd.
The corresponding minimum odd fan the call of the government, launched the first Summer Camp Summer little birds, so that employees can harvest happiness and harvest more in wages.
The optimization and upgrading of fan minimum odd ShowRoom hall, the same year the new exhibition hall completed and open to the outside world, with a new look to meet new future.
Through the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
Now, we are striving for the mission......